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I wish I could have given you all more warning than this.

Because this is going to hurt a little—all this joy getting shoved into your minds at once. But here it goes. Prepare yourself as well as you can for the…


Drawn every day by our very own art director SCOTT CAMPBELL.

Not here. Over on the left hand side. GO!

02/26/2004 - 02:44 PM


As promised, the screenshots have been ensmallened today. I’m sorry, but we needed those extra pixels for the game. Let’s just call yesterday, “A tribute to DSL!”

Today, we are back to loving our dial-up friends! Hi you guys! Let’s shake hands! Click! Oooooh… screeeeeeeebrbl, brbl, brbl, brbleeeeeeekdlkjdfkjaskdjfskdfsdf!

Haha! Modem humor! Free modem humor for you on the internet! By me!

Mailbag time!

——-Original Message——-
From: clamchowderfetish @
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2004 9:34 PM
To: Info
Subject: Hey loser!

HAHA! You’re so dumb. First of all, you misspelled “acoustic.” And secondly, Groundhogs aren’t actually hogs. And thirdly, your dumb! HAHAHA! Why don’t you shrink your face, instead of those screenshots? Because then your face would be less ugly, because it would be smaller and you’re stupid!


P.S. If you have any advice about how to break into the games industry, please let me know! It’s my lifelong dream! ^_^ 

P.P.S Thanks for making Sam ‘n’ Max! It’s my favorite game!

Sigh. Why do I ever open this thing? Okay, riddle me this, Professor: Why are they called GROUND hogs? Huh? Aren’t most types of hogs ground-based? Don’t most hogs spend at least 75% of the time on—or very near—the ground? I mean, what else could there be? Airhogs??? (Man, I hope not. That would suuu-uck. “Oh, man. I just washed my car and then a whole flock of airhogs flew overhead.” “The plane went down after ingesting a large airhog into the engine.” “Honey, you left the window open and an airhog flew in and ate the baby.”)

Anyway, to answer your question, to get into the games industry, break into the Sony party at E3, walk around saying “Online multiplayer is the future,” and if nobody has hired you by 11:00 pm,  sleep with the first person you hear speaking either Japanese or French. Worked for me!

02/04/2004 - 02:39 PM


...The full-size screenshots on the products page are getting a little SMALLER tomorrow. They will still be full-size, but the definition of “full” will have changed—enhanced to be less, if you will.

People complained that they take too long to load in their full, decadent, delicious, gigantic, voluminous glory. They’re probably just mad because before they can finish downloading a picture, their mom comes in and lifts the receiver off of the acoustic modem and tells them it’s time for Ally Sheedy to go home. So, I will be reducing them slightly, tastefully, in the hopes that they, like Jennifer Connelly, will win an Oscar. Sorry for mixing my movie star references there.

BUT I thought I’d leave them up for a day in case anyone wants to grab them when they’re still big.

Man, that sounds dirty. When did this page get so sexy? What sexiness will be unveiled tomorrow? Or whenever?

02/03/2004 - 02:35 PM


It has been brought to my attention that nobody but myself (Tip: Always use the word “myself” instead of “me” and you’re sure to sound smart, like the cops on reality TV) and a couple other people know what the word “manky” means. Additionally, those other two people were only faking it, because I’m their boss.

First of all—you two are fired for making me look stupid, and for being kiss-asses.

Secondly of all: Manky is a contraction of “MAN that is SKANKY.” If you didn’t know that, you might want to have your brain examined for stupidness because there might be some of it in there, and it might be laying eggs.

02/02/2004 - 02:23 PM
03/20/09 - 07:34 PM
""If you didn’t know that, you might want to have your brain examined for stupidness because there might be some of it in there, and it might be laying eggs." Such marvelously descriptive writing. It makes me chortle with delight."


In honor of Groundhog Day, I have put up a version of the official Double Fine Products page which is considered by several people here to be just a little less manky than the previous products page. Though it is mostly just the same old recycled crap, it does have a couple of surprises here and there, and much fewer broken links and no icons that say “New” but are actually 2 years old. And I have to admit that this has nothing to do with Groundhog Day. But very few things actually have much to do with Groundhog Day so I figured no one would notice. As if groundhogs are so cool anyway. I’d like to see a bunch of groundhogs make a products page. Whoa. Wow. Where’s all that anger come from? I’ll have to examine those feelings next time I’m at Bikram.

I think I’m just overtired. (I hope so, because I like the expression overtired. “Hey, are you overtired?” “No, I’m just tired enough. I’m in the sweetspot, you know? Not undertired, not overtired. Just nicetired.”) I want to write more about the excellent game but I’m so sleepy you might pick up on that and get the wrong impression. You might surmise from my slow, lethargic diction and lack of funny that I was less enthusiastic than I really am. Which would be a tragedy because I am hecka enthusiastic about this game. Hella, even. But I am tired because we had to pull two all-nighters in a row to make this last milestone. The team did, I mean. *I* was at home watching “The Apprentice” on TiVo. But I’m still tired because it took me forever to wade through all the pleading “I’m tired,” and, “I want to go home,” emails from the team. Sheesh. Don’t make me come down there, guys!

It was milestone number—if I remember correctly—eight million and five. We build them and then send it to the publisher through the air, in a magical cloud of a million, colorful little particles. (Like that little cowboy guy in Willy Wonka!) Then, up in Seattle, men with gasmasks and big, rubber gloves pull the bright dots out of the air with butterfly nets, roll them out into a game-like putty, stuff that into a sack and throw it into quarantine for six months to make sure it doesn’t have any diseases. Then they shine a bright light in it’s cage to scare it, and bang on the bars with nightsticks. Then they shoot it with a hose, tell it that it’s family is dead, and then put on frightening shadow puppet shows through the bars. They flash the lights on and off randomly while making that “chh-chh-chh… cah-cah-cah…” sound from the Friday the 13th sound track.

If you’ve ever played a game and it’s acted kind of funny, now you know why. They go through a lot.

02/02/2004 - 02:20 PM

2004: The year EXCELLENCE came to town, like a UNICORN driving a golden ROLLS ROYCE made of diamonds

That’s right. It’s 2004!

But, of course you know that, because if it wasn’t 2004, you’d still be hibernating in your computer-controlled cryo-suspension chamber, wouldn’t you? You cleverly programmed it to let you sleep until 2004 so that you wouldn’t have to spend another waking moment without the excellent game Psychonauts, if you’re anything like me. So wake up and wipe off that nutritious gelatin you were packed in and get ready to enjoy!

More specifically, get ready to enjoy another couple of seasons of waiting, since the game’s not coming out until the holidays. And by “The Holidays” I mean, of course, the several holidays that the federal government is creating to commemorate the release of the excellent game Psychonauts. No doubt these will replace the out-dated “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” and whatever it was those used to commemorate.

But don’t worry—the time will pass quickly because you have A LOT of stuff to do before the game comes out. There is some serious emotional work ahead of you this spring and summer.

You see, Psychonauts brings with it a whole Mayflower moving truck full of entertainment and value, and I ask you this question: do you have room for it in your brain? In your heart? You need to look deep within yourself, and start scooping out great, big chunks of feelings and memories and thoughts and start throwing them aside. Psychonauts is about to move in and become a larger part of you than anything has before. It will be more important to you than your childhood, your college days, your love life. And I mean, thank god, right? Because, honestly, none of those things have been that good yet, you have to admit. And that’s why we are here, creating something for you to replace them with. Like excellent, emotional spackle, layered on thick by your friends at Double Fine with the extra-wide putty knife that is the XBOX.

Here's a handy tip for you all: There is 'A Rat' in Separate.

They say that the way you spend New Year’s Day is very important for it foretells how you will be spending the rest of your year. When I heard them say that, I totally panicked because there’s no way in hell I’m spending another year under my bed, crying, and eating marshmallow peeps. So I immediately crawled over to the phone and dictated this informative news item, and even though it is really the fourth of January, I cleverly post-dated it to the first! Ha ha! Take that, fate! I have fooled you again!

Oh, don’t you look at me that way, Judgey McJudge. You know you do the exact same thing with your rent check every month.

So, that’s two things I’ll be doing a lot of this year: Updating the news page, and LYING.

Just like last year!

What? You think this one will have different text than the other one? Dude, I CUT and PASTED. I don't have time to make each separator bar different. You think I have a trust fund or something and I can just sit around all day making separator bars and eating bon bons??? THINK AGAIN, rich kid.

P.S. I hear we are in the Official Xbox Magazine! With new screen shots and stuff. Go buy it now! I haven’t seen it yet because, instead of sending us their magazine every month, OXM just sends us a post card that says “We hate you!” and has a picture of me with a knife in my head. Not sure what that is about. Anyway, somebody buy it and tell me if they used any of my nude shots, please.

01/01/2004 - 01:06 PM


Snowbabies by Tim Alexander. Merry Christmas Tiny Tim!

12/23/2003 - 12:15 PM

The game is AWESOME and everything is so freakin’ INCREDIBLE I think I’m gonna die.

Here is another update about the excellent game Psychonauts which shall be released for your enjoyment holiday 2004: My foot is feeling just a smidge better.

Also: somewhere along the line (September 9, 2003) the Double Fine Action News flipped over into some weird font (

Times New Roman

) and NOBODY TOLD ME. Here I am, trying to look like a professional on the International Network of the Computers, putting my hand-made sentences and stuff out there for all to read, in a font with a goddamned SERIF on it!!! It’s like I put little shoes on every letter.

(Orthopedic shoes, no less, just to ensure that each and every letter would get teased and picked on at school. Worse than that! It was like those poor little letters had to run out of the house in the morning to try and catch the school bus to go get their day’s worth of teasing, but they’d trip over their clumsy, orthopedic serifs and collapse into a tearful heap on the lawn while the bus driver honked and the sans serif kids on the bus laughed cruelly—and right at that moment when they looked up to me for fatherly support and protection, I spit on them and said, “You know, I’m not even your real father. Your real father had a pony tail and drove a pick-up with a heart-beat painted on the side and wore this big Tasmanian Devil T-shirt all the time, and even HE didn’t love you.”)

That’s what it was like. I would say that everybody was laughing at me, except nobody said nothing, which can only mean one thing: nobody is reading the Double Fine Action News.

Thank god. That means I can do anything I want. Anything at all! I am completely unaccountable! Nobody is listening. I’m going to take off my clothes and type the rest of this naked! It doesn’t matter! No one will know!! From here on out, I am unrestrained by the rules of your world. The only boundary I know? My imagination.


Well, I’m out of ideas.

Here’s a dancing liver:


11/16/2003 - 12:10 PM



Three of our s p o o k i e s t programmers wanted to wish you Happy Halloween.

Oooh, look at them! Aren’t they scary?

There’s Kee, who is always blurry. No one can figure out why. So freaky.

And hiding behind the pumpkin is Caroline. That’s pretty freaky, don’t you think? I mean what kind of crazy lady goes around on Halloween, hiding behind pumpkins? A scary crazy lady, that’s who.

And then behind Kee, there’s Amy, who likes to drink human blood at her desk. I hear.

It’s just a rumor, but it explains a lot, trust me.

And then there’s Erik in the background, who looks like he’s faith-healing Amy’s cheekbone. The scary thing about that is what he pulled out right after I snapped this picture…

You see, apparently, Amy had an ant lodged in her sinus cavity. Not scary, you say? Well it was a QUEEN ant, which means it probably laid eggs in there. So soon Amy’s cheeks are going to be full of ANTS. Still not scared? Well what if you were in a relay race with Amy, but it was the kind where you have to pass an orange that you’re holding under your chin, and right when you’re neck-to-neck with Amy, her ANT CHEEKS EXPLODE and you’re covered with bloody ants and cheek chunks? And what if Amy screamed “My cheeks! My cheeks!” so loud that your heavy-prescription eyeglasses shattered, and the car you were driving swerved off the road and landed upside-down in a breeding pond at a leech farm? And what if Amy’s blood drove the leeches into a mad feeding frenzy, and they got so excited that they crawled into her open cheeks and took over her body and made her walk the countryside, putting leech eggs into the macaroni salad at Fresh Choice restaurants all over the nation? And then what if you went to a Fresh Choice, and unknowingly ate leech/macaroni salad, and one of those leech eggs hatched inside your belly, and ate it’s way out, and then that leech grew up to invent a doomsday weapon that would eventually destroy the earth? And then what if you slowly walked around the charred, smoking ruins of destroyed Earth… and you found… hanging on the door handle… A gleaming, metal HOOK!!!

Oooh, man. Scared myself there with that last part. Anyway, thanks to famed Brazilian artist Kjeld Pedersen for the Double Fine pumpkin. Look how carefully he carved the babies’ hairs! Take it from me, you have to have a steady hand to carve baby hair well.

10/31/2003 - 12:07 PM

Hiring PROGRAMMERS, etc.

Some changes have been made to the jobs page. Some new notices have been added, and some old ones have been laid to rest. Some handy links appeared. Some margins got moved on accident, but then they were moved back.

Some day, we’ll hire this guy.

Here’s an update on the game: My foot hurts.

10/24/2003 - 12:05 PM
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