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Polaroids - #180
01/31/10 - 08:16 PM
Danny DiMarchi:
"Those bastards."
05/25/10 - 11:15 PM
06/29/10 - 06:22 AM
"i keep checking back here on the off chance of a new picture, and i keep leaving feeling bad for alfred.."
08/15/10 - 04:05 PM
that guy:
"ah, now I understand"
10/04/10 - 07:05 PM
Jeff Placencia:
"revenge is a dish best served with a pop and handful of tokens."
12/07/10 - 03:07 PM
Royal Flush:
"Alright old man I think you've turned away from that Chuck E. Cheese long enough. Time to take REVENGE."
02/23/12 - 02:21 AM
"Very interesting to read. Loved it!! pressure cleaning Boca Raton"
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