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DFAC #781
08/13/10 - 10:50 AM
Scott C:
hi, you guys. more on this poor late warrior. i hate being tardy. but i often am a touch tardy. that is how it goes though. i hope you are all having an awesome day.
08/13/10 - 12:58 PM
"I am totally getting Grim fandango flashbacks from this. it's like Nam flashbacks, but with 100% less trauma and 100% more awesome."
08/13/10 - 01:46 PM
"Hope he didnt give the boats man a tip. He made him late"
08/14/10 - 03:07 PM
"I wonder if he was fighting Jason?"
08/17/10 - 02:01 PM
"Im getting more of an MediEvil vibe."
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