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Tasha - #291
02/04/10 - 05:55 PM
i forgot my sketchbook with comic ideas in it today... so i had to whip up a quick one. oh, Brent is coming over here to work on my computer now.
02/04/10 - 10:00 PM
"Ben is the best LOST character, I named my dog after him."
02/05/10 - 05:59 AM
"I have never seen LOST, so this strip is completely far from my knowledge."
02/05/10 - 08:35 AM
"Is that Tim in the top right corner?"
02/05/10 - 12:01 PM
"Wait. THREE Lockes? Where did you see a third one?"
02/05/10 - 09:53 PM
Tim Schafer:
"Why do I even bother shaving the mono-brow if you guys are going to keep drawing it in??"
02/06/10 - 11:24 PM
"There's only two Lockes. The real one is dead. You remember the scene where Jacob was talking to his 'friend' (I forget his name) on the beach shore when the armada was coming? He said he would find a loop hole and kill Jacob. He is the evil Locke, the one everyone is calling the monster. He found his loop hole and killed Jacob after all. Of course they were also talking about there were rules so he couldn't kill Jacob, which is why he had Ben do it."
02/09/10 - 04:37 PM
"Tim totally has a ಠ_ಠ look in the third and fourth panels. That amuses me~"
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