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Tasha - #293
02/19/10 - 11:03 AM
man i am really out of the comics zone lately. but it's not because i'm a slacker! it's because i'm really busy, in a good way. also, my friend wendell has a song in this contest to get into this movie about same-sex marriage. go vote for his song, it's the one called "in time". it's really sweet!
02/19/10 - 12:58 PM
"oh to follow up this comic: i restarted the mission so i could save the people. screw Zaeed!"
02/19/10 - 01:06 PM
Sam Pagan:
"I did the same thing. I couldn't stand letting my paragon Shepard let those people die, I could hear their screams as they died and it bothered me so much. You get Zaeed's loyalty anyway so it's not a big deal if Vido gets away."
02/19/10 - 03:36 PM
"this is why i dont play black and white anymore. DAMN YOU MORALS!!!"
02/20/10 - 12:44 PM
"I think this is my favorite comic you've ever done! This is so me! lol"
02/20/10 - 12:45 PM
"Snoopy seems upset too."
02/21/10 - 12:30 AM
"Hahaha, This happens to me too. D:"
02/21/10 - 09:50 AM
"I felt guilty after blowing up megaton on fallout 3. So i went back and created a new file and saved everone :D"
02/21/10 - 09:50 AM
02/24/10 - 12:28 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Was I the only who thought they deserved to die? I mean they may look innocent...but what were they doing there in the first place HMMMM? Wrong place, wrong time buddy. Go Reapers!"
03/09/10 - 02:19 PM
"I felt guilty after the fourth trial in Heavy Rain. You're not alone!"
07/30/10 - 07:28 PM
"u r bad! i yell at my brothers for not saving innocent people on vid games. u should try assasin's creed"
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