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Tasha - #298
03/10/10 - 08:04 PM
in case you want some of this wonder liquid for yourself, you can get it here: .and. i will be at GDC this week from thurs-sat. so say hi to me if you're there :D
03/12/10 - 02:07 AM
"Rah! curse this disabling head cold!"
03/13/10 - 07:26 AM
"Hey, any links for male perfumes? Not axe, something which really is a present of course. For my grandpa."
03/13/10 - 01:14 PM
"Tasha brings all the boys to the cubicle/workspace"
03/13/10 - 10:18 PM
"dont use that stuff at GDC! all those people from blizzard might zerg rush you!"
03/15/10 - 05:25 PM
"I think you are having an alergic reaction to the perfume!"
03/18/10 - 12:15 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I tend to have this effect on dogs."
03/25/10 - 11:44 PM
"I don't get this joke."
03/30/10 - 04:26 PM
dragons 56:
"this is so wierd. some thing with cats for me."
03/31/10 - 08:17 AM
dragons 56:
"axe doent really do that. bealive me. ive tried."
04/05/10 - 05:12 AM
"I always love seeing people I know from the forums in these comments."
04/05/10 - 01:03 PM
"@dragon56: you just haven't found the right axe!"
04/06/10 - 03:22 AM
"@dragon56: get yourself a Separator and the chicks will be all over you, I promise. As long as you can wield it."
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