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Tasha - #315
06/11/10 - 12:56 PM
tgif! man i can't wait to play some super mario galaxy this weekend.
06/11/10 - 02:23 PM
"Have you eaten Pine Nuts recently? Pine nuts can totally do that. ONe cheap variety from china gives people pine nut mouth. Trader Joe's and other places sometime sell them."
06/11/10 - 03:18 PM
"im not a big fan of galaxy. its to linear! i just want to go explore everything but you cant :("
06/11/10 - 04:55 PM
"I'm pretty sure it's the mouthwash. Candy never betrays you."
07/26/10 - 12:36 PM
"my mouth went numb yesterday after some listerine, that stuff burns like hell"
07/30/10 - 08:43 PM
"i hate listerine. i took it when i forgot my gums were bleeding."
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