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Tasha - #345
01/07/11 - 10:40 PM
Eager to get back to more Cataclysm & Kirby's Epic Yarn this weekend!
01/07/11 - 11:47 PM
Watch Out For Snakes:
"I always thought it would be weird addressing my Xbox by name and ordering it around. I always thought it would make me feel like my console was some kind of indentured servant."
01/08/11 - 04:52 AM
"No offense, WOFS, but I don't see where you're coming from. I would love to have a robotic indentured servant."
01/08/11 - 02:02 PM
"You should try playing Kinectimals if you ever do get Kinect. I hear it mesmerizes cats."
01/08/11 - 08:13 PM
Watch Out For Snakes:
"I like to think of my Xbox as a trusty companion. One that has gladly endured many of my amateur repair procedures. Again, just what I like to think."
01/10/11 - 12:23 PM
"I agree with Mr DarkBoy1200 as I was an animator for that game and being Tasha fan #1 it would make me super happy if you got it and your cat was suitably mesmerized."
01/10/11 - 02:34 PM
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