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Tasha - #354
02/16/11 - 01:47 PM
so yeah. i don't really get what the big deal is with bone marrow. it's basically just like spreading fat on your bread, but much more expensive than butter. maybe just cause you can feel like a viking when you eat it? oh! also we now have a facebook page for all the Double Fine Action Comics. it doesn't have much on it yet, but we plan to add fun stuff like sketchbook drawings, and you can see any upcoming events. go here and "like" us!!/doublefineactioncomics
02/16/11 - 04:26 PM
Acefox :
"I just looked up Bar Tartine- they don't have a menu online yet, but the pictures look good. Bone marrow does sound rather Neanderthalic though."
02/16/11 - 07:42 PM
Deus Ex Machina:
"Bone marrow straight up is pretty...plain. It's better when you work at it like from a chicken leg or ribs. Like how crab legs taste better when you work to get them out. IDK. At least bone marrow is crazy healthy for you."
02/16/11 - 09:10 PM
"normal girlfriend stare+normal boyfriend stare= Spontaniously appearing hearts!"
02/18/11 - 10:36 PM
"@Acefox i think their menu changes a lot, but some things are on there all the time, like the Bone Marrow and the Burger."
02/22/11 - 06:18 PM
"doesn't bone marrow taste all bloody snd stuff? im not criticizing you tasha, or anyone who eats its, im just curious if its any good or not."
02/23/11 - 11:26 PM
"@Xeroid072 it really doesn't have much flavor, that's why i was underwhelmed."
02/25/11 - 12:13 AM
"@Tasha oh good, because i heard that alot of people say it taste like "melted pennies" and that kinda grossed me out. at least i wont be afraid of it anymore"
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