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Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert join Z. on Kickstarter
Posted: 05 July 2012 12:34 PM
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Hey, everyone!

My name’s Stephanie, and I’m the community manager for Downward Viral. We’re launching a zombie survival game on Kickstarter and are proud to announce that Tim and Ron will be joining as zombie guest cards!


So what is Z.? It’s a downloadable zombies-versus-survivors game (for PCs and mobile), but we don’t just want to make one version. We want to make THE version — and digital means we can fix a lot of the problems that plague ordinary trading card games and add tons of content for free.

Cosplayers Jessica Nigri, Linda Le, and Monika Lee (among others) have also signed on, and progamer and fighting tournament champion Justin Wong is on board to balance and playtest the game. We want to make sure Z. not only looks great, but plays great, as well.


The game is best described as Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead, but that’s a really minimal way of looking at it. Z. will be free-to-play with plenty of content to unlock naturally. We’re integrating features that will make the experience fun and accessible for all types of players, not just experienced ones—and that means intelligent matchmaking, multiplayer, friends lists, zombie killstreaks, active tutorials, and more.

Each card is made with Hollywood-quality live photography and horror effects, and that’s where guests like Tim and Ron come in. We’re also working with Northern Five Entertainment (creators of the Left 4 Dead short film) to produce live-action cinematic story sequences.


We should have some gameplay videos to show off soon, but until then, let me know what you think of the game! Any suggestions for how Tim’s and Ron’s cards should look?

Kickstarter link:

Be sure to watch our announcement video!

Posted: 13 July 2012 08:03 AM
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I never got much into card games…but this looks interesting…aaaaaaand here comes a rant!

lulz….justin wong….i hate what tournament competition has done to 2D fighting games. Turtles that counter with bread n’ butter combos disgust me. A light jab to the shin would be punished in a ‘real’ scenario, but in SF (street fighter) its a setup for a combo. I don’t even turtle w/ guile (focus attack to backbreaker….FTW!). I gave up on the new MK rather quickly due to turtles in that too…wasn’t like that back in the arcades 15 years ago….its sad. Victory without honor is hollow…tourney = victory by any means necessary. I play rushdown w/ 30 on the clock with intent to k.o. with some of my SF buddies who also play rushdown. If you’re ducking and you’re not charging, you’re a turtle. Too many other ppl go for the shins…I go for the face. I will never play for points in A.E. I used to be pretty hardcore on SF 4 (made up to G1)/SSF 4 (sf 4 taught me that the more points you got, the cheaper the competition becomes…so i didn’t bother much with rank). Fortunately…the void of walking away from SF’s aggravations got filled with other things….like Iron Brigade.


Completed all survival maps w/out sniper turrets. (Hospital & Swamp solo/ Settlement start duo, end solo)
Completed all survival maps using Selker I trench solo
Completed swamp with rippers only (start trio, end duo)
Completed swamp solo using Selker V
*Some other wacky feat coming soon….or not….haven’t played IB in ages.

All posts should somehow lead back to Iron Brigade.

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