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A Very Double Fine Halloween

Not every Double Fine employee was willing to brave the judgment of his or his peers and appear today dressed in full costume. But nine of them were, and now they will be subjected to the withering scrutiny of the internet. That’s what you get for showing off your creativity: the impassive collective critical eye of the world casting its steely gaze onto your efforts.


Fortunately, they all did a super good job! Phew!

Our own Allison Thomas diligently photographed each costumed Double Finer. And here they are, using that wacky Instagram thing the kids like. We’ve got one of those now! Because we’re hip and cool.


Jane Ng as Amy Pond from Doctor Who.


Levi Ryken as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who.


John Swisshelm as that dead terrorist from Die Hard.


Justin Honneger as Business Viking.


Dave Gardner as Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights.


Brad Muir as Dapper Chestburster Host.


Elliott Roberts as Batman.


Laura O’Brien as a retro lady!

And now, dear readers, I must burden your eyes and souls with this final image:


Geoff Soulis as the most terrifying Evil Queen yet imagined. As if that weren’t bad enough, he has an internet counterpart.

On that, I leave you. Enjoy your nightmares. After all, it’s Halloween!

10/31/2012 - 03:47 PM
10/31/12 - 05:24 PM

"lol you guys rock! Love the costumes! :D Happy Halloween to everyone!"
10/31/12 - 06:12 PM

"Haha! I love the Die-Hard terrorist, made my night! Geoff's super creepy. Happy Halloween!"
10/31/12 - 06:38 PM

"Love the Halloween spirit over at Double Fine! Those are all excellent costumes!"
10/31/12 - 08:02 PM

"Who ever get's a picture of Brad with his mouth closed I will give them my whole thing of halloween candy."
11/01/12 - 07:54 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:

"Tell Duncan I am very disappointed in him, and he better put together a costume next time."
11/01/12 - 08:54 PM
lemon limer:

"I thought Jane Ng was dressing as a hipster lumberjack when I saw the pics"
12/15/12 - 12:35 AM

"Holy crap, post-Amnesia-Fortnight I actually know who these people are now!!"
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