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Double Fine Presents: Escape Goat 2

MagicalTimeBean has launched Escape Goat 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux today. The sequel to the 2011 puzzle platformer is available on Steam, The Humble Store, and GOG for $9.99. It will be offered for 10% discount during launch week.

“When I first started this project, it was really just an experiment to see how Escape Goat would look with high res art. I never imagined it would come this far, launching along with a nod of approval and publishing support from Double Fine.”

The game’s final weeks of development were completed at the Double Fine Productions offices in San Francisco as part of the Indie Omega Jam.

“Wait, what has been going on?” questioned Double Fine Founder and CEO Tim Schafer in the midst of a Broken Age Act 2 writing stupor. “Does this have something to do with the people that broke into the office and stole a bunch of our computers a while back?”

“Actually I told Ian they could use our now totally secure spare office space while we weren’t using it.” said an amiable Justin Bailey, COO of Double Fine. “And security cameras have since confirmed that the MagicalTimeBean developers were just enjoying the many fine amenities and services that Double Fine has to offer and had nothing to do with the recent thefts at Double Fine Headquarters.”

“This has been totally awesome!” remarked an overly excited Greg Rice, Double Fine’s Senior Publishing Manager. “It’s super rad to be surrounded by other independent developers who are making cool stuff and are passionate about what they are doing. I’m really glad we could help them out and hope we can do this with more developers in the future!”

“I guess that IS pretty cool.” said a suddenly agreeable Tim Schafer. “I get to take credit for everything though, right?”


Website: Escapegoat 2

To talk with Double Fine about them helping with your awesome game email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




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05/26/14 - 11:37 PM

"Some will hate me for saying this, but hone I found out you were porting this to PS4 . . . I bought a PS4. Seriously. That's why I bought the console. I hope very much that other Double Fine games will port to the PS4."
05/31/14 - 09:45 AM

"That includes Massive Chalice, Hack n' Slash, and Little Pink Best Buds!"
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