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Tonight: X-PLAY. Friday: Fallon. And then: THE WORLD!!!

Set those Tivos, if you think your Tivo can handle this much metal:
Tonight, G4TV will be airing a Very Special Episode of X-Play, all about Brütal Legend!

To WHET* your appetite for the show, I give you this:

*Capitalized so you’ll notice that I know how to spell, “Whet.”

And then tomorrow, I am going to be on the Jimmy Fallon show! Believe it or not!
I didn’t believe it either, but check out their schedule!
I hope I don’t get bumped by the Universal Record Database.

To get you completely WHETTED, I leave you with that interview I did at E3 with Jason Sudeikis for Mr. Fallon’s website:

(Here’s something I learned that day: His name does not rhyme with “Ludacris.”)

I just noticed that it took me so long to write this post that you have already missed the X-Play special. Oh well. Hey, they’ll run it again!

10/01/2009 - 06:02 PM
10/01/09 - 08:31 PM

"TRIVIA Who is the first game designer to be a featured guest on a late-night talk show? No srsly, I wanna know. Is it Will Wright or something or Nolan Bushnell or is Tim Schafer first?? Curt Schilling and other crossovers don't count. GO"
10/02/09 - 01:36 AM

"That Kudo Tsunoda guy who used to be at EA Sports was on Fallon earlier this year to demo Project Natal (but no interview or anything). I don't know how much game design Tsunoda actually does though. He mostly seems proficient at talking products up while wearing a track jacket and women's sunglasses. I'm just going to pretend Tim Schafer is the first."
10/02/09 - 03:47 AM

"Oh man, you're all over TV! Also I went and watched some of the videos on the G4 site, and HEY LOOK I WAS TOTALLY ON TV FOR .5 SECONDS. Showing off my signed poster at PAX. APPLE POP WAS THERE ON TV TOO HI APPLE POP."
10/02/09 - 08:48 AM

"Looking forward to this (although not as much as Brutal Legend obviously :D). Jimmy Fallon has been pretty progressive as regards involving more games/"geeky" stuff in his show. @Koobz - I think Kudo actually has an eye condition (like Bono), and he wasn't really interviewed either was he (just a natal presentation)?"
10/03/09 - 04:48 AM

"Well, missed the actual broadcast (sorry, saw Zombieland) but just saw the clip. Awesome stuff. Only wish it were longer, but that's show biz...I guess."
10/03/09 - 11:40 AM

"OMG! OMG! OMG! Tim shot fire and ice out of his eyes, AT-THE-SAME-TIME!! Great job Tim. They should've given you one of those fancy record-setting patches for being the most awesome game developer to ever be on a late night talk show. If you ever go on something like this again, you should totally show them your mad skills with the rubiks cube.."
10/03/09 - 02:04 PM

"ah, bullshit its over already? i thought it was today. agh dammit"
10/04/09 - 02:29 AM

"I guess Kudo Tsunodo's public persona is slightly more palatable if he's got an eye thing. But only if he's got a thing. And yeah, he wasn't interviewed at all. Got around to watching the TiVo'd show. I'm surprised that there aren't a thousand HD .gifs of Tim's eyeblast attack plastering this page. Surprised and very disappointed. If I knew how to do that sort of thing, I would be making one right now so I could take all the nerd cred."
10/04/09 - 08:13 PM

"A 5...out of 5."
10/06/09 - 10:52 AM

"I finally got to watch the Fallon show. Overall your interview was entertaining. Yet you gotta work on your entrance. And you were supposed to shake hands with the guest band at the end like you’ve known them for years ^^"
10/06/09 - 02:40 PM

"so truth be told, how nervous were you? On a scale from 1 to 10?"
09/06/15 - 07:30 PM
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