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Dirt Nap - #103
09/13/10 - 08:35 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
Hope some of you were able to check out Scott, Nathan and Tasha at SPX this past weekend! I missed it. :(
09/14/10 - 05:12 AM
"magic bullet?"
09/14/10 - 11:28 AM
"Kind of. See 95."
09/16/10 - 03:36 AM
"Due to the area of impact, and blood splatter, the bullet had to of passed through the kid. Or it was magic. Mother@$!#ing zombie magic."
09/16/10 - 11:44 AM
"Unless, of course, she is behind them."
09/18/10 - 08:35 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"I think she's behind them. It's just the angle/ordering of the panels suggests otherwise."
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