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We don't use Cookies!

We used to have a page about Cookies here, and well there still kind of is - you're looking right at it, possibly in a state of utter bewilderment.

The previous page was different though. It had all sorts of information, plus settings, toggles and buttons to click on. It was very cool and tastefully done, but one day we thought "wait, do we actually need cookies?" "We don't like them, no one likes them, can't we just get rid of cookies once and for all?"

Double Fine Cookies

We ate this whole plate of cookies, and now there are none. This is a good thing!

Now clearly we're not talking about the delicious kind, the ones with walnuts or chocolate chips. Obviously everyone loves that kind. No - we mean the annoying website kind. The kind that DEMAND things from you through massive pop up banners that obscure the thing were trying to read (possibly a recipe for cookies) until you click "YES GO AWAY" just so you can carry on reading. But now you do so with resentment in your heart, and those cookies you wanted to bake will come out all burnt and bland. No Star baker, no handshake from Paul, just sadness.

So we took them all out, and guess what? Without them the site still works! It actually lead us to find better solutions for the things those cookies did, and it made our website feel much nicer, kinder, and more welcoming.

We don't need to beg your consent for something you don't really want to be bothered with, and that makes us super happy. does not use cookies for any purpose at all, and we think more websites should be that way too!

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