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Amnesia Fortnight

Every few years the crew here at Double Fine mysteriously forgets all about the games they are supposed to be working on, and instead spend two crazy sleepless weeks working on small prototypes for new games. Sometimes we document this process and It's all here, year after year: the pitches, the process, the power!

Middle Manager of Justice: Original Internal Prototype Pitch Video

In September 2011, project lead Kee Chi created this video to present his idea for Middle Manager of Justice to the rest of Double Fine. It is...primitive, to say the least.

Zumbi Chained Pitch 2012!

Zumbi Chained is coop brawler game by Kled Pedersen where players are enslaved and chained together and have to fight for their freedom. This small epic game is set in a time of slavery in Africa to Brasil.

Amnesia Fortnight 2012 - Launch Video

The lovely launch video for 2012's even lovier Amnesia Fortnight!

Hack n Slash Pitch 2012!

Hack n' Slash is an action adventure game by Brandon Dillon focused on exploration and discovery, not just of its charming fantasy world, but also its internal workings. Based on childhood experiences hacking on games in emulators to discover new things (and break others), Hack 'n' Slash is a world of puzzle dungeons based on progressively more sophisticated cheating, hacking, and reverse engineering techniques.

Black Lake Pitch 2012!

Black Lake is an action adventure game by Levi Ryken set in a forest filled with the dreams of it's animals. It follows a hunter's daughter on a journey to track animals and cleanse their dreams of a darkness that has been feeding on them.

Milgrim Pitch 2012!

Milgrim is a game by Joe Kowalski that puts you in the role of the bad guy. Of course, you don't think of yourself as the bad guy. You're a king, and it's your job to govern your kingdom and keep trespassers out. And there's a lot of them. To defeat the swarms of little men invading your kingdom you'll construct levels, hire guards, and cobble together traps from the resources you have at your disposal.

Autonomous Pitch 2012!

Autonomous, by Lee Petty, is a first person sandbox construction game set in an 80's inspired futuristic junkyard world. You must use found objects to construct automatons, which have a mind of their own that you cannot directly control. You must use these automatons to survive the hazardous world around you.

Bad Golf Pitch 2012!

Bad Golf follows the traditional rules of a 3d golf game like Mario Golf, while allowing players to drive a golf cart in between shots. Four players compete simultaneously, with score based on a combination of fewest strokes, fastest completion, and cart damage.

Psychonauts! The game that started it all, our first and most beloved title - This channel is a Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen.

Psychonauts - Soundtrack Preview

Behold, the Title and End Credits from Peter McConnell's Psychonauts Soundtrack!

Psychonauts - Original Trailer

A Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen.

Psychonauts 2 - Fig Campaign Pitch Video

We're making Psychonauts 2, but we need your help!

Psychonauts 2 - Announce Teaser!

Back in 2015 we were looking to Crowdfunding to help make this sequel a reality, and the good news is it worked!
Double Fine Prevue

Only the very finest in Double Fine trailers, both upcoming and of recent years. Look into the past or gaze into the future with Double Fine Prevue!

The Cave - Debut Trailer

Descend into the mysterious depths of The Cave in this adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine

Middle Manager of Justice - Trailer

Congratulations, you are the new Middle Manager of Justice! You have been hired to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp. into shape!

The Cave - Character Trailer 1

The Cave, an adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions.

Kinect Party - Trailer

There's no wrong way to play Kinect Party!
Double Fine Adventure

An adventure 65 million words in the making. For three years, 2 Player Productions captured the once-secretive process of video game development, chronicling the creation of “Broken Age” from a Kickstarter pitch to a finished game and beyond. All the episodes, sidequests, commentaries and other bonus content can be found here.

Double Fine Adventure! - Kickstarter Pitch Video

Where it all started. The original pitch video for making what was to become Broken Age, and the start of the Double Fine Adventure.

Double Fine Adventure! EP01: "A Perfect Storm For Adventure"

Double Fine Productions launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of LucasArts veteran Tim Schafer's first adventure game in over a decade. The world's reaction catches the studio by surprise.

Double Fine Adventure! EP02: "A Promise of Infinite Possibility"

After the campaign’s record-breaking success, Tim is faced with the reality of having to start work on the game. Friends and mentors stop by the studio to discuss what made adventure games special and how the genre needs to evolve.

Double Fine Adventure! EP03: "Codename: Reds"

With the premise of the game in place, Tim begins assembling his team from Double Fine's talented pool of developers. A Chinatown bar crawl revisits the establishments that inspired code names for the studio's previous projects.