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Get a job!

If you are interested in working at Double Fine, check the open positions below and send in your stuff!

If you are on the fence about applying then please read more about working at Double Fine, to learn about our culture and benefits, or maybe you'd like to find out more about how much Diversity matters to us. Then, once persuaded by our charms and logic, apply without delay!

Current Openings

If there are no listings here then we have no open positions - sorry!

Feel free to reach out anyway but we are just going to tell you we have no positions at the moment.

But don't give up hope though... eventually someone will leave, or we'll need someone new around here, and before we delete everything in our overstuffed inbox to make way for the new applications, we'll scan through it to see if anyone famous applied, or maybe sent us a coupon for some free cookies or something, you know, stuff like that.

But just maybe our eyes will spot a little shimmering among the heaps of spam, and we'll spot your samples or your portfolio and all at once our jaws will drop and the room will become deadly quiet, before somebody breaks the silence to say, "Whoa." And then Tim will look at them and say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then someone will yell, "I'm way ahead of you buddy!" as they pull up in the company bus/monster truck and as we all pile in, somebody shouts out, "LOCK AND LOAD!"

Then we'll drive full speed to your house and you come out and say "D-D-D-Double Fine? But--" and we put a finger to your lips and say, "You had us at hello!" And then your parents try to stop us because they don't understand, so we duct tape them to a streetlight and peel out, popping a wheelie all the way down the street while "Holy Diver" blares out of the radio. Then we all try to say something at the same time because we're both so excited, so then we both shut up so that the other can talk, and then we both say, "No, you go!", but then we both start talking again at the same time, and we have to just laugh until we're crying tears of joy, and we sense in our hearts that we will all be best friends forever and ever, and never think about what or who we were before. We will just enjoy the ever-unfolding kaleidoscope of happiness and discovery and adventure and laughter that lie before us.

And then we pull up to the office and Tim will yell, "Alright, back to work suckers. And no talking!" And weld the door shut with everyone inside as he laughs and laughs and laughs. Oh, the fun.

But honestly, you should just wait for a position to open up, and then apply.

Important info about scams!

Sadly it has been brought to our attention that people have been contacted by scammers pretending to be us, and offering people positions here in order to steal their financial information.

Please check that all correspondence from us comes from a email address, and reach out to us on Twitter or Discord if you are at all suspicious.

We will never ask you for financial information out of the blue, and we will always conduct interviews either in person or over video chat. If there are no positions listed above, chances are we aren't hiring right now.

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