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Double Fine Action News

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Newsletter Archive

We're keeping an archive of our various Double Fine Action News emails over time. If you're thinking about subscribing, they should give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Double Fine Action News Issue 2
    June 1st 2022
    Grill marks and tan lines: it's Summer 2022 It's summer? Oh yay! It's summer! Day of the Devs is back, we have a new shirt design for Pride, and we added new stuff to Psychonauts 2, including Mac and Linux versions. How's that for Action News?
  • Double Fine Action News Issue 1
    September 24th 2021
    A Powerful PSI-Blast Of Psychonauts And Double Fine! Wherein we return from a long hiatus and into your inboxes to regale you with words of mind-bending gaming and other cool shenanigans

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