Double Fine Action News Issue 1:

A Powerful PSI-Blast Of Psychonauts And Double Fine!

Hello! It's Time For Action!

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well and not freaking out like "wow, how does Double Fine have my email?" This should be our old mailing list and guess what, baby? We're back! With more explosions and at least nine more points of articulation that the older collectable model. I'm your content and community manager Harper Jay (yes, you might've known me as Heather before now but I got a name change!) and I'm here to guide you into the world of Psychonauts 2, fun contests, and more. Follow along but please don't fall in the chocolate river like that last kid did...

We Released A Game!

Psychonauts 2 Is Here!

Game Pass users can enjoy the game right at launch as well. It started as a crowdfunded game made possible thanks to amazing fans and has grown into one of our largest games ever…

Like, wow! Can We Talk About This?

If you missed it, Psychonauts 2 has been out for at least two weeks now on most major platforms. It took a lot of work to finish! Nearly six years! But we're glad to have brought it to you all and hope you are enjoying it. If you haven't snagged it, you can play on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS5 using backwards compatibility, and PC. We have a Mac and Linux version planned but the dev time on that is taking a bit longer.

Seriously though: it's here! You can play it! Tim wrote words! Our amazing artists and modelers and programmers made impossible worlds. Voice actors familiar and new breathed life into Raz and the rest of the cast. At least one song written by composer Peter McConnell is bound to end up in your head. So please, play and explore. Enjoy and have fun. We do this work for you and the happiness it can bring to players.

You Can Win This Gnarly Xbox!

Win this Xbox!

It took the entire world's stock of raw psitanium to make just one of these beauties; the best Xbox that has ever existed, or will ever exist, but also the only one of its kind…

You Can Buy One Of These Cool Controllers

Get the Psychonauts inspired controller

The Xbox Design Lab is back! What's more, they posted a new recipe today, inspired by the soon-to-be iconic and already-most-excellent game: Psychonauts 2! You can find our…

Or You Can Simply Enjoy A Musical Tour of Psychonauts!

Psychonauts 2 Musical Tour

In an interview with SPIN , which dropped today, Psychonauts 2 composer Peter McConnell spoke about the process of making music a game packed with varied minds and moods. Here is…

Or even more music with Daði Freyr!

Daði Freyr's Psychonautical Brain

Musician and Eurovision star Daði Freyr spins some Psychonauts inspired songs in this mentastical medley of music and melodies!

There's A Book On The Way!

Pre Order Our New Book - 20 Double Fine Years

So I summoned my court scribes and said 'Pen me a tome, worthy of the ages, so that I shall remember every amazing detail of this crazy ride we've been on, and so that nobody, not…

There will be more news to come as backer rewards release, documentary episodes eventually make their way to the public, we earn literally all the awards, and take over the world. Heck, Rocktocker is soon and that means Tim will be online all day on the 13th playing Brütal Legend on Xbox.

A lot is still happening. Even more is being made that we can't talk about it yet. For now, we're just danged happy to have Psychonauts 2 out there for the world to enjoy. As time progresses, look forward to content on the behind the scenes of that development process and even retrospectives of older games.

You'll find it all here: in your semi-regularly released issue of DOUBLE FINE ACTION NEWS!

Wait, What's This Doing Here....

What's This...?

While the Psychonauts fly off to rescue Grand Head Zanotto from the Rhombus of Ruin, Ford Cruller stays back at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and spends a fleeting moment of clarity alone with his thoughts, and some old friends...