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Psychonauts 2 Musical Tour

Harper Jay Harper

It's time for snazzy casinos and trippy tunes. In an interview with SPIN, which dropped today, Psychonauts 2 composer Peter McConnell spoke about the process of making music a game packed with varied minds and moods. There's a lot of potential space to work in. “What could be a bigger subject to score than the human mind?” McConnell said and he's right. From evil dentists to time-displaced brains in jars, we're definitely building a game with a lot of different levels and spaces. That requires all kinds of work from art and lighting and, yes, a lot of variety in music. And Peter's delivered.

Looking for a lovely sample for your ear and a few new images of the game to boot? Here is a short musical tour of some of the tracks you'll encounter on Raz's new adventure:

A short musical blast!

This is only a small sample of the music you'll encounter in Psychonauts 2. We've not revealed every level but there have been some new previews. That includes the game-show excitement of Compton Boole's mind and the various library wings and memories you'd find exploring the mind of Cassie O'pia. We hope this small sneak peek will give a sense of the different moods you'll encounter in the game. If anything else, like.. wow! Music is a miracle and Peter's very good at it!

Catch you on August 25th when the game (and the rest of the music) will be playing on our TV screens!

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