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Psychonauts 2 Vol. 1 Soundtrack Release!

Harper Jay Harper

Music! It's pretty cool and we've got tons of it in Psychonauts 2. So much, in fact, that we need to split it up into numerous volumes as we master tracks into their most perfect, final forms! With that in mind we're pleased to announce that the first volume will release tomorrow on a variety of locations. You can purchase it from Skill Tree Records, find it on Spotify or Apple Music, and even buy it from Steam.

It's a lot of music! 29 tracks of delight that sprung from the mind of composer Peter McConnell. And there's so much more to come. Here's a quote from Peter about this first volume.

"Comprising more than three hours of music created over four years, the score to Psychonauts 2 is a journey through musical styles and statements as diverse as the human mind. So we decided to separate the soundtrack into three releases. Volume 1 focuses on the orchestral and jazz elements of the score that are integral to the story and gameplay.”

Check out this sample audio/visual journey, assembled by our very own Audio Director Camden Stoddard, features 14 of the 29 in this volume!

This volume contains the following tracks:

1. Psychonauts 2 Title and Prologue
2. The Eye Shrine
3. Lady Luctopus
4. Something Fishy at Headquarters
5. Cassie's Library and Shanghai Memories
6. The Quarry
7. The Questionable Area?
8. Aquato Family Caravan
9. Intern Hazing
10. Casino Hallway Sneak
11. Feeling Lucky Tonight
12. Here's How It's Done
13. Casino Monorail
14. Panic Attack
15. The Flea Circus
16. The Grand Hall of the Psychonauts
17. Cassie Goes Berserk
18. Cassie's Library Book
19. Fight in the Library
20. Traversing the Stacks
21. Cassie's Catacombs
22. Ford's Bowling Alley
23. Truman's Ship in a Bottle
24. Introducing Gristol's Mind
25. Nona's Quilt of Memories
26. Maligula Unleashed!
27. Maligula's Dark Town
28. Mal-BIG-ula
29. And Now for This Important Message

We hope you'll enjoy this first step along the musical path through Psychonauts 2 and look forward to telling you when you can explore the rest of the musical psychodyssey. In the meantime, I'm gonna zone out to that Questionable Area theme. Love that track!

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