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Stuff tagged with “peter mcconnell”

Tagged content

Dust off the cobwebs and bask in 11 fine items of yesteryear, tagged “peter mcconnell”.


  1. News  Composing Ford's Follicles
  2. News  Psychonauts 2 OST Volume Three Drops!
  3. Soundtracks  Costume Quest 2: Original Soundtrack
  4. News  Psychonauts 2 Vol. 1 Soundtrack Release!
  5. News  Psychonauts 2 Musical Tour
  6. News  Brütal Legend Is Back On Vinyl
  7. News  Grim Fandango Vinyl Soundtrack And Physical Edition
  8. News  Watch the special performance of Grim Fandango Live, featuring Jack Black
  9. DFTV Videos  Sidequest 10 - Peter McConnell - "What I Wish I Could Have Done Then..."
  10. Actioncast  The Composers, Part 2
  11. Actioncast  The Composers, Part 1

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