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Brütal Legend Is Back On Vinyl

James Spafford Spaff

The Original Score from Brütal Legend by the legendary Peter McConnell was released on vinyl back in the day before the resurgence of the format. It made sense - not only it was a game based on the fantasy worlds of Tim's favourite album covers, but the record sleeve itself was used for the in-game menu.

That version, which was a faithful reproduction of the gatefold sleeve from in-game, has loooong been sold out and much sought after by fans and collectors. But thanks to our pals at Fangamer, a repressing is coming your way soon!

Limited to 666 copies, the Örmagoden Edition features a cleaned up version of the gatefold design from in-game, but sports new INSANELY METAL cover from the game's Art Director, Lee Petty. It also comes with a poster of the same, signed by Lee and Tim.

Head on over to Fangamer to sign up for a notification for when this goes on sale!

Vinyl Front cover, new art from Lee Petty

Vinyl Gatefold, cleaned up version of the in-game menu

Vinyl Back cover - new art from Lee Petty

Örmagoden is worshipped

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