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Behold the Psychonauts 2 Story Trailer

James Spafford Spaff

Permission granted to squee with delight PSI-cadets, because our new trailer is here to deliver excitement and mystery.

Raz has achieved his dream of joining the Psychonauts... as an intern anyway, but naturally there's trouble afoot that requires his special talents. It appears there might be a mole in the ranks, along with disturbing rumblings of a plot to bring a psychic murderer called Maligula back from the dead!
Untangling these mysteries will reveal the true history of Raz's life-long heroes, the Psychonauts, and uncover secrets about his own family's legacy.
Double Fine TV

The Psychonauts 2 Story Trailer

For this trailer we are very grateful to have worked with our good pal, and trailer-meister supreme, Derek Lieu. Thanks Derek!

We also put out a new crop of screenshots today which show the Mental Worlds of two of the Psychic Six, and founding members of the Psychonauts, Cassie O'Pia and Compton Boole.

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