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Double Fine Action News Issue 2:

Grill marks and tan lines: it's Summer 2022

Greetings our Double Fine Friends!

Have you noticed that time is moving strangely these days? Case in point: as we drafted this newsletter we looked outside at the flowers starting to bud it was very clearly spring 2022, but just as we were crafting the final touches, the pages of our calendar flipped dramatically over to June, and suddenly the skies turned to an especially deep shade of blue, and the sun turned it's volume up to 11. It's officially the first day of summer folks!

What does that mean? Well, first of all it means we are scrapping all the stories we had lined up for you about cute baby lambs, and moving straight into shorts and ice cream territory. Yes folks, It's time for Day of the Devs: Summer Games Fest Edition 2022, a brand new digital showcase of unreleased and exciting independent games, and musical performances, heading your way on June 9th.

It also means PRIDE month is here, which you are invited to celebrate by wearing our new brightly colored rainbow shirt design that will get you looking properly summery while also supporting LGBTQIA+ groups around the world. it's a twofer, it's Double Fine.

It's been a teeny moment since we had much new merch to talk about. We did release a physical version of Grim Fandango on Switch with iam8bit a while back, and fans of Psychonauts should keep their eyes peeled for more merchable items coming soon (excite!) In the mean time make sure to check out the collection from the Xbox Gear Store, and Fangamer snuck out some new shirt and pin designs while you weren't looking too!

Speaking of Psychonauts 2, we've added two new languages, and Raz's latest adventures are now available for both MacOS and Linux. We're also going to be adding another new language soon, one that was requested by many, many players - Simplified Chinese!

You'll find some other recent-ish Psychonauts 2 related bits and bobs that you may have missed below, such as a talk from our 3D artists from GDC, a really fun let's play stream from Dr Mick - giving us a therapist's view on the game. Oh and did you know the second volume of the Psychonauts 2 soundtrack is available now? Even more excitingly there's going to be a third and final volume, which we'll see once Peter McConnell gets done recording piratey theme tunes for some friends of ours.

As always, stay tuned to our tweets and blogs for all the latest news and updates, and we'll be back soon with more Double Fine Action News!

What's been going on?

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