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Support PRIDE!

James Spafford Spaff

Support LGBTQIA+ groups while also looking snazzy as it gets, with our new shirt, and all the items in the new Xbox PRIDE 2022 Collection from the Gear Store.

The Double Fine logo, all covered in rainbows, as part of the Xbox PRIDE 2022 Collection

Head on over to the Gear Store to pick up this new Double Fine 2HB logo shirt, available in a variety of colors and shirt styles! You'll also find cool designs from our XGS pals for games like Sea of Thieves, Forza, Halo, Age of Empires along with some general Xbox designs, and a fancy controller design too!

We celebrate Pride to help further establish equality for our friends, our family, our co-workers and our community members in the LGBTQIA+ community. We're proud to be able to join Xbox and Microsoft in raising funds for LGBTQIA+ nonprofits, here's the official sounding spiel:

Microsoft is donating a total of $170,000 to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits
Together with our employees, Microsoft has donated over $8M to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ communities in the last year alone. To recognize the launch of our 2022 Pride campaign and products, we're contributing an additional $170,000 to OutRight Action International, African Rainbow Family, National Center for Transgender Equality, Mermaids, Lavender Rights Project and Fulcrum UA to help in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equity and equality. Learn more.

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