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Be Proud!

Harper Jay Harper

June marks Pride Month and it's always a fantastic time. Whatever cause you might have to celebrate, it's always important to us here at Double Fine to remind everyone that you are always welcome in the great big silly world of video games. That's not just me saying "y'all are always welcome to play our games" or whatever. The entire games space is made better through the brightness and uniqueness of each and every player. Different perspectives and backgrounds help keep things fresh. They push us to dismiss prejudice in all forms and challenge us to think more deeply about our games. Everyone can be the protagonist. Everyone can save the world. Everyone can be a Psychonaut!

Every year we work with the Xbox Gear Store to update some of our Pride offerings and I think there's a few really nice things in there for 2024. Of course, the month is more important than the merchandise—more than anything else we want folks to know they are seen and our games include everyone—but I'll also admit that I do like that coffee mug. Expressing yourself comes in many forms and sometimes that do mean wearing a hoodie that spells out to the world who you are. From adventure games to our real life adventures, it's always a good thing to hold your head up high and approach things with a clear and confident head. Walk tall! Throw those metaphorical elbows!

Xbox has partnered with groups like The Trevor Project and GLAAD this year for a curated collection of Pride-focused games and donated $200k to a choice selection of LGBTQIA+ organizations. You can read more about this year's work here if you're interested. Walk tall and keep kicking butt! And remember: you are great and awesome exactly as you are!

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