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New Pride Merch!

Harper Jay Harper

As we head into Pride Month 2023, it's time to celebrate the LBGTQIA+ community, embrace diversity and foster a spirit of acceptance, love, and inclusivity. To mark the occasion, this year sees a brand new range Pride merch landing on the Xbox Gear Store, with Double Fine of course having amongst the most bright and colorful new garbs available. Among these are some super-comfy slippers and a fantastic hot pink tie-dye hoodie.

Double Fine Pride 2023 Merch

Our new Pride Month 2023 items: A hot pink tie-dye hoodie, tie-dye hat and matching snug slippers ...along with some new versions of our spangly Pride T-Shirts.

To recognize the launch of the Pride Month 2023 campaign and products, Microsoft are contributing a total of $200,000 to GLAADOutright International, Stonewall, SAATHII and Casa Rara to help in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equity and equality. So you can not only look good in our dazzling combination of tie-dye and rainbows, but you can also feel good this Pride Month.

Seriously look at those slippers! Just imagine how comfy you'll be as you enjoy a casual chat, lounging around in those. I want some! You just gotta slip over to the Xbox Gear Store. And of course, whilst you're there, you can grab our fancy hat: I mean, look at it!
That's a really fancy hat! An instabuy. Don't you think?

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