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SGF Bound

Harper Jay Harper

It feels like only yesterday that we were showing of amazing indie games in San Francisco but the time's come for even more Day of the Devs action. Over the last few years, Day of the Devs has really picked up the pace. From transforming into a non-profit charity and increasing our shows, there's been a real big push to ensure that independent developers get their time in the sun and that we're as agnostic an organization as possible when it comes to platform. We've been showing off games from all corners of the world, playable on all consoles. As part of that mission, Day of the Devs has paired up with the Summer Game Fest the last few years. SGF kicks off this Friday and that also means it's time for another HUGE digital DotD showcase!

Tune in to Summer Game Fest Friday at 2PM PT at summergamefest dot com to catch major game announcements and then keep watching for a follow up presentation from Day of the Devs outlining some of the most imaginative upcoming indie games. From horror to cozy exploration, there's bound to be something that will catch you eye and make it to the top of your Wishlist.

Day of the Devs is committed to uplifting a diverse spread of developers from around the world. You can help support that mission with charitable donations at the DotD website. With your support, and the help of other collaborators, we can continue to remind the world that fantastic things are coming from anywhere and everywhere.

Also I'm a presenter this time around and while wow I dunno gosh it's strange to see yourself on camera I can at least say for a fact that there's some unmissable games in this showcase. So please tune in!

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