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Day of the Devs: San Francisco

James Spafford Spaff

Day of the Devs is back in San Francisco on Sunday March 17th, 2024!

Since 2012 Day of the Devs: San Francisco typically landed in November, but due to the expanding calendar of events, we decided to re-home the event in the Spring.

This March, on St Patrick's Day, Day of the Devs will return to The Midway, and other than the seasonal change it will be the same show you've come to know and love!

There will be 70-80 unreleased, wildly interesting and magical games to play, along with live music, food, drinks, and fun times guaranteed.

Entry is FREE, doors are open to all ages, and you can RSVP over here by joining the newsletter, to stay abreast of news, and updates.

If you would like an extra hour or so to enjoy the show, you can pick up a VIP ticket by supporting the Day of the Devs Non-Profit Fundraiser!

By donating $100, you'll get that VIP ticket along with pack of almost 40 games -- including 3 of the games that started it all at the very first ay of the Devs: Broken Age, Super Time Force, and Mercenary Kings. You'll also be helping to fund Day of the Devs, keeping it free for attendees and devs, and helping us to continue our mission.

Thank you, and hope to see you at the show!

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