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Grim Fandango Physical Switch Edition Announced

Harper Jay Harper

For fans of noir, skeletons, and adventure we're glad to announce that (in coordination with iam8bit) Grim Fandango Remastered is getting a physical release for the Nintendo Switch. Manny Calavera's story is available in a fresh new package comparable to the previous PlayStation release. It includes a cartridge copy of the game, a special Number Nine Ticket, a matchbook from the Calavera Cafe, and sleeve cover with art by Peter Chan. Additionally, the cover art underneath features two reversible options by Holly Rothrock. It's as nifty a collector's package as you can get for your trusty Switch!

If this sounds like something need in your lafe (and maybe afterlife?!) you can snag a copy from iam8bit for $34.99. There's only a limited supply so if you really want a Number Nine ticket, you might need to act fast. Just make sure that you're careful about trying to redeem it in the Land of the Dead if you've not quite earned it...

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