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Mac and Linux, Baby!

Harper Jay Harper

Hey gang! It’s Harper with some important news. If you read the post title, then you already know and I’m basically talking to you from the past and you’re in the future like “I know already!” but in case you don’t… Here's the news: Psychonauts 2 is now available on MacOS and Linux!

It's available now on Humble and Steam, the Mac App Store, and you will be able to snag a copy on GOG soon as well.

This has been a long process requiring a lot of work from some very cool people. Making sure that these versions work well and offer players an experience as good as other platforms takes time. That said, I know a lot of you were really excited for this and wanted it for a long time. It’s one of the questions that people ask me about! The others are: “Is there a physical release?” “Are you making Brütal Legend 2?” and “Where’s Tim? Harper! Tim got loose! Where’s Tim!?”

Well, I’m glad we have an answer to this key question now at the very least. If you have questions about compatibility, I highly recommend you look at this page here. It might help you with any immediate questions. If there’s other issues or questions, you can also contact support directly.

Until next time, I want to thank you all for your patience and hope you enjoy this fresh chance to leap into Psychonauts 2.

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