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More Languages For Psychonauts 2!

Harper Jay Harper

Hi folks! Wow, the holidays have passed and a new year is upon us. It's been hectic times as we reset and hone in on what's next for Double Fine. But that doesn't mean that we're done with Psychonauts 2! In addition to Fig rewards and other happenings, new languages are coming to to the game. We announced this stealthily before the holidays on social media but as the nebulous "soon" draws closer, it felt important to reiterate the news.

We're adding Russian and Latin American Spanish to the game! These are some of the most requested languages that we are asked about and it's a genuinely pleasure to say that we're deep into the process of making these language options available.

It's a task that's taken a bit more time than a mere localization as one of our accessibility features for having in-game signs reflect the player's language means creating a variety of new assets for the game. Check out some of them below!

I can't give a precise date yet since we need to do some of the smaller things like implementing Achievements but the goal is to have these new languages options available in the early part of the year. We hope that this will allow the multiple fans eager to play in their native languages a chance to enjoy a more authentic and personalized experience.

Until then, keep being fantastic! We'll see you all in the Motherlobe!

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