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Broken Age On Game Pass!

Harper Jay Harper

Hey gang! We've brought our Lucas remasters like Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango to Xbox Game Pass and now it's time for another addition. Starting December 16th, you'll be able to enjoy Broken Age on Game Pass as well. What started as a Kick... starter has become a fine adventure game in its own right that more people will now be able to enjoy as part of Game Pass' terrifying huge catalogue. If you've somehow missed out, this is your chance to experience the mystery as two teenagers from vastly different worlds have their stories intersect in a coming of age adventure that marked Tim's return to adventure games!

The entire game's production from start to finish, and with the highest highs and scary lows was documented by Two Player Productions. If you haven't watched "Double Fine Adventure," you can find the entire series here on the site. It's worth looking into the reality of how Broken Age was made and what goes into game design. Take a peek, get excited, and then boot up the game for puzzles and laughs. We're happy that more and more people will get to share in Shay and Vella's adventure and explore one of the game's that guided Double Fine into the future!

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