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Congrats Kimberly Brooks!

Harper Jay Harper

BAFTA! BAFTA! No, it's not some weird chant summoning an ancient squid lord. It's the British Academy Film Awards! But they give out award for more than just film and we're incredibly excited to report that Kimberly Brooks has received an award for Performer in a Supporting Role in Psychonauts 2! Her work brings the harried yer experienced Hollis Forsythe.

When Raz first arrives at the Motherlobe, he's unsure what to make of Hollis. Her tireless command of the Psychonauts has formed a tough exterior that gives way to an inner world of stress and compartmentalization. His misused of the mental connection power shakes everything up. Altering Hollis' sense of risk and reward, her mental landscape shifts to a smashed up amalgamation of a casino and hospital.

Kimberly's performance capture all aspects of Hollis; the tough outside, the tiresome leader, the stressed out worrier, and the over-the-top gambler. From the highest comedy notes to serious chats about responsibility, Hollis' presence in Psychonauts 2 leads to growth for both her and Raz. Excellent work, Kimberly! The award is well-earned!

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