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Double Fine Action News Issue 3:

Merch Madness!

Starting with a physical edition sure to satisfy die-hard collectors and mere disc-lovers alike, this Action News Blast contains everything you want to know about assorted artbooks, musical wonders, and prideful expressions of personal awesomeness.

So sit back, browse the catalogue, learn about portals, and plan your collectable future in this edition of Double Fine Action News!

But first...

Sale Alert!

Sound the sirens, let the klaxons blast out harmonious warning tones, and ignite the beacons! Psychonauts 2 is on sale!

If you have yet to play the most excellent game of all time then here's a good chance because Psychonauts 2 is 50% off on Xbox and Windows Store.


There are no games on sale at the moment! Please check back soon for updates.

Psychonauts 2 Merchables

We’re drawing closer and closer to the one year anniversary of Psychonauts 2 and that means plenty of chances for us to share behind-the-scenes art, and some of our fans' highly-demanded… demands!

Here by popular demand: Psychonauts 2 gets physical releases for Xbox and PS4! Enjoy a snazzy disc or go further with iam8bit’s collector’s edition: Stickers, exclusive pins, blacklight posters, and more! Fans lookin' for a comprehensive Psychonauts bonanza need look no further... however there's more!

Fancy folks insist that vinyl “just sounds better, maaan” and you can find out for yourself with the 2LP Psychonauts 2 Essential, or 6LP Complete edition vinyl record sets. Curated by Peter McConnell and featuring art by Arno Kiss, these magically old-school packages contain all the music and songs you could ever dream of.

How do you design a brain? What is it like to sketch an emotion? The Art of Psychonauts 2 is written by Ashley Esquada, and offers an inside look at the process with over 250 pages with never-before-seen art and nuggets of wisdom from the developers (that's us!). It’s perfect for a coffee table, if you’re the type of person who still has a coffee table.

Let's Get Physical!

The Art of Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Vinyl Soundtrack

Day of the Tentacle LTD Run!

Day of the Tentacle is a time-bending adventure with some serious puzzling pedigree. Limited Run’s collector’s editions for PC, Xbox and PS4 bring the classic to life once more in a package that includes a physical edition, and inventory fillers like fake barf, a microwaveable hamster (handwarmer) and much more.

Travel through history in-game and in real life with this celebratory package, it's available to Pre Order today!

DOTT Limited Run

Loud and Proud

Last month marked Pride Month, a time to celebrate lovely guys, gals, and non-binary pals. For Double Fine fans looking to extol their pride and wear it (literally) on their chest, we have a wonderfully bright tee-shirt for celebrating who you are.

Support PRIDE!

But wait, there's more!

This new Raz pin from our pals at Fangamer is not only glittery and glamorous, but it twirls and spins like a psychedelic dream!

There's a whole selection of other Psychonauts 2 related treasures available from them too, including this incredible Milla and Sasha True Psychic Tales Poster, which Tim has confirmed is a canonical issue of Raz's favourite publication.

They've also got three great shirts, our fancy 20 year anniversary art and history book, and a handful of other unique and wondrous items - not to mention the Double Fine Adventure Blu Ray which is on sale for $5. That's practically free!?

Head on over to Fangamer to check them all out!

Spinny Pinny!

This new Raz pin from our pals at Fangamer is not only glittery and glamorous, but it twirls and spins like a psychedelic dream!

Let's get techy with Portals

That's all the merch madness we can fit into this issue, but we'll leave you with this last bit of behind-the-scenes fun!

Portals? What a re those and how do they work? Making a seamless transition from one area of a brain to the next takes some serious technical know-how. Programmer Aaron Jacobs outlines the process thoroughly in this Microsoft Game Dev talk, which is available to enjoy by one and all.

Portals and More!

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