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Spinny Pinny!

James Spafford Spaff

This new Raz pin from our pals at Fangamer is not only glittery and glamorous, but it twirls and spins like a psychedelic dream!

There's a whole selection of other Psychonauts 2 related treasures available from them too, including this incredible Milla and Sasha True Psychic Tales Poster, which Tim has confirmed is a canonical issue of Raz's favourite publication.

They've also got three great shirts, our fancy 20 year anniversary art and history book, and a handful of other unique and wondrous items - not to mention the Double Fine Adventure Blu Ray which is on sale for $5. That's practically free!?

Head on over to Fangamer to check them all out!

Look at all these treasures! A selection of items available on the Fangamer store right now - shirts, books and more. This isn't even everything they have!

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