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Let's Get Physical!

James Spafford Spaff

Heyo, it's Spaff and Harper! It's time! You asked and we answered. There's unique physical editions coming to backers but there's finally physical releases of Psychonauts 2 on the way. This has been the number one thing folks have asked me about along side languages and I've needed to bite my damn tongue for so long. Yes, backer got the new yesterday about their stuff and today I'm so, so glad to outside the various versions of P2's new releases.

There's two versions. One will be a retail version for Xbox and PS4 and another will be fancy but still available on both consoles! I'm outlined the details below and I hope it will help you plan out the version that will suit your best. This has been a long time coming; the world is strange and a bit of a scary places but I really do want this game to bring some joy to your life. Be it from playing a fresh copy or placing it in your collection. Here's the breakdown.

Both retail versions are available for pre-order today, for Xbox (both Series X/S and Xbox One included), and PS4. This edition will be available on September 27, 2022. Curious what that entails? Here's the rundown. It's pretty cool!

Reversible Cover Sheet

Art Cards

Lenticular O-Sleeve

Die Cut Sticker Set

The Motherlobe Edition has a psychedelic Lenticular O-sleeve

The Collector's Edition contents, in all its glory!

What about that other version? here's the entire breakdown right here along with all the goodies. This edition is coming later this year!

The Collector's Edition will only be available on, for $129.99, and includes:

Psychonauts 2: The Motherlobe Edition with reversible cover sheet, art cards, a lenticular O-sleeve and the die-cut sticker set

Premium Collector’s Edition box

Physical version of the original Psychonauts, available physically for the first time, backwards compatible on Xbox One

Digital download code for all three volumes of the Psychonauts 2 original soundtrack

Five pin set featuring the Feast of the Senses

18x24” Blacklight poster featuring the protagonist, Raz

“How are you feeling?” Archetype Raz poster from Double Fine’s senior animator, Chris Lam

Bonus Sticker sheet

Finally, a fancy new trailer to announce things! It's here! Or almost here! We're excited for you to enjoy Raz' adventure!

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