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Psycho-Portal Pins And More

Harper Jay Harper

As the world waits for the mind-exploding announcement of whatever the heck we got cookin' over here at Double Fine, the geniuses in our merch lab have devises new ways for you to protect your mind from said explosion and to open doors to fresh new worlds. We've partnered with Fangamer to produce two fresh pieces of flashy fashion for festive PSI-Cadets and Double Fine fans.

First: we have a brand new hat featuring our Two-Headed Baby Mascot. I'm pretty sure our TV Tropes pages calls him the "Double Headed Baby" but I dunno about that. I've only ever called him the 2HB. That noted! If you're looking to tell the world "hey, I like confusing mascots and fantastic games" you might consider picking up this hat designed by Laura Verdin. It has warm colors, a snug but cozy fit, and a few flourises under the brim as well.

Additionally, we're rounding out our Psychonauts pin collection to add an essential for any aspiring mental explorer: a Psycho-Portal. This pin has a hinged door that opens up to a trippy lenticular spiral on the otherwise. Only a smidge smaller that two inches, this pin provides a centerpiece that's a perfect pair for any merit badge pins you might already own. Bundled together, you can now have a pretty much all the tools of the trade for an aspiring Psychonaut. At least until I convince everyone that we should sell working dowsing rods.

You can grab this swag and more at Fangamer. It'd also take a look at the Psychic Agency hoodie if you're looking for some of the best stuff. Not just beause it looks cool because it's actually maybe one of the softest hoodies I own now. And isn't that what really matters? Bein' cool and cozy?

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