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Fresh Merch!

Harper Jay Harper

Hello folks! It's Harper with some details on fancy merch that launched today on Fangamer which is certain to blow your mind and make you go "well, gosh." There's a few new bits of extremely stylish options from a new tee shirt to a fantastic poster. If you immediately want to go and check it out, hop to our section of Fangamer right here but if you want to know details on each item, lemme give you the run down. First off: a shirt! With a fantastic design.

I don't need to say much. I mean, I'm not trying to sound like a shill although I think my job is to sorta at least be a bit of a marketing person who is like "look at this shiny thing." But the good news is that when we make shiny and cool things, it's not like a thousand dollar statue made of gold. It's a shirt you can wear and have folks be like "woah, that's a good shirt." And it is! This Psychonautical shift features tons of your favorites like Raz, Sasha and Milla, Ford, Lily, and even Hollis! It has some real movie poster energy and a pleasing green color that I'm calling "smooth slime green" because I don't know the official name.

But wait! What if you want something to snap on a bag while you travel? We got something for you.

It's a pin. Featuring Raz in a powerful psychic pose, it also spins so that you can do ~magical~ tricks or whatever and confuse your friends. They'll go "did that pin just spin" and you'll whip that thing around like Beyblade or something and they'll all scream with amusement. That's a guarantee. It's in the fine print: your pals will literally scream. Except, like... in a good way.

But Harper, you say, I don't need shirts and I have no bag. All I have are walls! Okay, pal, there's one more thing.

It's a Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello print based of True Psychic Tales. They're best friends and always on missions together. They can both read minds but can they read what's in each other's hearts?! Who can say? But this print teases of a True Psychic Tale full of tension and unspoken words. What adventures are they on? I dunno, pal. It's a poster/print and not a real book or something but it's got that real authentic look to it that would fit in perfectly with your Psychonauts collections.

If these interest you, be sure to check out Fangamer and pick them up while there's still stock to go around!

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