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We Won A Golden Joystick!

Harper Jay Harper

The 2021 Golden Joystick Awards fired off with a bang of games and awards-y such and such today. Psychonauts 2 had the honor of being up for a variety of awards including Best Storytelling, Visual Design, Xbox Game of the Year, and Ultimate Game of the Year. It was a real joy to be featured side by side with so many great games like Life is Strange 2 and Deathloop. 2021 had a lot of variety, and we've very glad to have shone through enough to win the award for Xbox Game of the Year.

I mean, I'm not gonna gush too much but like... Forza also came out this year. Have you played that new Forza? Oh my god! But take that, other good game, we have prevailed and taken the Xbox crown. It was a complete surprise. We totally had no idea this was coming and there was no way that Tim somehow recorded an acceptance speech ahead of time that you can watch down below.

Congrats to everyone on the team for the award and thank you to the players who helped vote alongside the judges to guide us to this happy little victory. The award will be proudly displayed in our office until such time as we need to defend ourselves against the zombie hordes in 2036.

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