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Re-enter The Cave

Harper Jay Harper

Everyone has secrets. Everyone has dreams and wishes. What if there was a place where everything was revealed? A puzzling place full of shadows and cans of corn? Well, that place exists and it's 'The Cave.' Released by Double Fine (that's us!) in 2013, The Cave is a platforming-puzzle game where you guide seven characters through a dark maze of caverns in search of their true nature.

Directed by Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island) and written by Gilbert and Chris Remo, this sneaky story of self-discovery has been a cult classic for the last decade.... but a little hard to play on console. Well, there's good news!

The Cave is now on Xbox Game Pass! Which means you can play The Cave through Steam and GOG but now enjoy some comfy couch-coop with your pals and some cozy Xbox controllers in your hands. It's just another step towards sharing as many games as possible through that big 'ol subscription service. Recently, we also added Iron Brigade and you can always boot up Psychonauts 2 on Game Pass as well.

We're really glad to have The Cave available since it was previously delisted on Xbox storefronts. Now? You can find your true calling as a Knight, unravel mysteries as the Time Traveller, or explore any of the other characters and their stories. Will you find redemption? Tragedy? Comedy? All you need to do to find out if plug your nose and dive into.... ~the CaaaAAAAaaveeee~

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