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It’s about to get real at The Cave’s E3 booth

Chris Remo Chris Remo

My friends, it is a dire time. Photographic evidence of truly catastrophic events has been transmitted to the Double Fine offices from the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Witness this meeting of Tim Schafer, Brad Muir, and Ron Gilbert, and tremble.

Collectively known as Timbradron.

“Why, those are just the talented project leads of Double Fine Adventure, Iron Brigade, and The Cave respectively,” you say, “set against The Cave’s tastefully decorated booth.”

But have you ever asked yourself why these formidable forces of game development have been kept in charge of separate projects? The truth is that we have always gone to great effort and expense to keep them apart—for when they join, woe betide humanity, and also emus. Observe Ron’s glowing eyes and steely gaze—his dark transformation is already underway.

Matt always stays properly hydrated.

Only one man, The Cave producer Matt Hansen, pictured here with appropriately dramatic underlighting, has the strength and sheer willpower necessary to do battle with this fearsome trio.

Believe in your dreams, Matt.

Don’t worry, Matt. You’ll do fine. Go get ‘em.

(We’ve been showing The Cave at E3 and it’s been fun. Have you seen the trailer?)

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