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The Art of Psychonauts 2: Pre-Order Now!

Hiya folks!

Harper here to talk about our lovely art book and a fresh opportunity to get a copy. Some of you might’ve received messages from us before if you were a backer; what started as the Fig campaign artbook grew into a massive behind the scenes breakdown showing tons of art from Psychonauts 2. What was the result? Well, it’s a book literally called The Art of Psychonauts 2. Written by Ashley Esqueda, it’s not a mere art collection. It’s a huge trove of concept work that we’ve never shared, backed up by tons of interviews with the team.

Backer copies are inbound and an initial release of the book was handled by iam8bit. The supply ran out very quickly at a pace that caught us off guard. That’s good but it also meant that some folks were concerned that they missed a chance to snag this hefty collectable. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. iam8bit’s already kicked off pre-orders for a second run of the book.

If you want another chance to learn about Psychonauts 2’s development and peek at fresh art and notes, slide on over to the iam8bit store to hop on the preorder list. Books are planned to ship by Q3 of this year. Supply is limited so if you’re a diehard looking to complete the knick knack shrine on your bookshelf, I’d suggest makin’ moves ASAP.

There’s definitely more possibilities for Psychonauts 2 collectibles but this book really is MASSIVE and way more than anyone anticipated years back. It covers a lot of ground in exhaustive detail. Paired with the PsychOdyssey, it helps paint a really in-depth picture of the creative process. Early level concepts, character sketches. It’s all there.

Until the next time we chat: keep being great and remember to be adventurous. There will be new worlds and experiences on the horizon. Both from us here at Double Fine but also in your day to day life. We’re so grateful for the love y’all have shown to Psychonauts 2 and hope this book allows you to further appreciate the wonderful world of Raz and his various misadventures.

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