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Double Fine Adventure

An adventure 65 million words in the making. For three years, 2 Player Productions captured the once-secretive process of video game development, chronicling the creation of “Broken Age” from a Kickstarter pitch to a finished game and beyond. All the episodes, sidequests, commentaries and other bonus content can be found here.

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Double Fine Adventure! Episode 4 - DF Commentary

Commentary on episode four of 'Double Fine Adventure!" Did you know you can hear more if you buy the Blu-ray set?

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 3 - DF Commentary

Continued commentary for 'Double Fine Adventure" excepr this time it's episode three!

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 2 - DF Commentary

Even more amazing commentary for 'Double Fine Adventure' by a cast of potential criminals and cuthroats.

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 1 - DF Commentary

Fantastic commentary of 'Double Fine Adventure' by cool peope who do cool things!

Sidequest 16 - Malena Annable - "Autonomy to be Awesome"

Senior Producer Malena Annable tells her story of coming up through the early days of Lucasarts and the path that brought her to find her true calling with Double Fine.

Sidequest 15 - Matt Hansen - "Just Take It Seriously"

In this Sidequest, COO Matt Hansen recalls how his passion for adventure games defined his path towards Double Fine.

Sidequest 14 - Ben Peck - "It's Not Like This Every Day"

Broken Age programmer Ben Peck recalls his various career paths and how they eventually lead him to Double Fine.

Sidequest 13 - Justin Bailey - "My Seat Only Goes Back So Far"

In this Sidequest, Double Fine's COO Justin Bailey recounts his formative gaming years and how it eventually led him to Double Fine.

Sidequest 12 - Camden Stoddard - "The Weight of the Sound"

Camden Stoddard, Double Fine's Senior Audio Engineer, shares the story of his childhood growing up in Maine and early love for music and sound. Hard work and perseverance earned him a career in audio production, but the path to Double Fine had its share of bumps in the road.

Sidequest 11 - Khris Brown - "The Purity of Your Intent"

Everyone’s favorite uber-talented, super-passionate, legend of video game voice, Khris Brown, is back with a whole Sidequest of her own! With years and years of experience dating all the way back to working with Tim at LucasArts, you can be sure there are lots of fun stories to be told!

Sidequest 10 - Peter McConnell - "What I Wish I Could Have Done Then..."

In this Sidequest composer Peter McConnell gives us an extended tour of his home studio, explains the impact of his technical training on his musical career, and teases some more of the Broken Age soundtrack.

Sidequest 9 - Dave Gardner - "Look, the Clocks..."

You probably remember Dave G as the "Adventure games are not dead!" guy from the Kickstarter video. But he's also a talented animator who's been a key part of the studio since Brutal Legend, and here he sits down with the 2PP crew to describe his spoiled childhood, aimless adolescence, and bromance with fellow Double Fine animator Ray Crook.

Sidequest 8 - Oliver Franzke - "I Would Have Absolutely Laughed"

In this Sidequest, Broken Age's Lead Programmer, Oliver Franzke, shares his experience learning programming while living in East Germany during the 80s, beginning his career as a graphics artist and researcher, his eventual job at LucasArts and making the Monkey Island SPecial Editions series before coming to Double Fine.

Sidequest 7 - JP LeBreton - "You Don't Step in the Same River Twice"

In this Sidequest, Designer JP LeBreton talks about his experience with adventure games, working in the industry alongside personal heroes, design theories, and how to evolve video games as a medium.

Sidequest 6 - Ray Crook - "I Think it's OK i'm Still Here"

Longtime Double Fine lead animator Ray Crook talks about his origins as an artist, and how he has weathered more than a decade at Double Fine.

Sidequest 5 - Brandon Dillon - "There Could Possibly Be Some Legal Issues"

Reds programmer Brandon Dillon discusses his early love of adventure games and his career leading to his current role at Double Fine.

Sidequest 4 - Anna Kipnis - "I Got My Dream Job"

Senior gameplay programmer Anna Kipnis recalls her childhood in the Soviet Union and how she ended up at Double Fine doing the exact job she always wanted to do.

Sidequest 3 - Lee Petty - "I Was a Very Pleasant Baby"

In this Sidequest, Art Director Lee Petty recounts his history as a gamer, 3D artist, and designer at Double Fine Productions.

Sidequest 2 - Tim Schafer - “I’m Such a F@#$in’ Genius”

Tim digs back into his old writing notebooks from past projects like Full Throttle, Brutal Legend, and Grim Fandango.

Sidequest 1 - Tim Schafer - "My Father Told Me It Would Be Like This"

When capturing footage for the documentary, sometimes the talented videographers of 2 Player Productions end up with more material than they can fit into the standard episodes. This very first Sidequest, "My Father Told Me it Would Be Like This," focuses on Tim's early career at LucasArts.

Double Fine Adventure! EP20: "We Did Our Job"

After three years of development, the team is finished with Broken Age and moving on to new projects. We look back at the experience as a whole and question what the project means to the studio and the games industry on a larger scale. A special package arrives that symbolizes the end of the adventure.

Double Fine Adventure! EP19: "Last Call"

As Double Fine nears the end of development on Broken Age, the company is faced with the greatest tragedy in its history.

Double Fine Adventure! EP18: "Constipation and Defcon 4"

December is fast approaching, and while Tim may finally have his writing out of the way, a new problem has arisen that could seriously impact the team and the game’s schedule.

Double Fine Adventure! EP17: "Deadline for Tim"

The team is working hard on the new content for Act 2 of Broken Age, but everything rests on Tim being able to finish all his writing tasks under a tight deadline. Double Fine says goodbye to a longtime friend whose contributions to the project will be sorely missed.