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The Team

What is there to say about the cool folks at Double Fine that won't sound a bit arrogant because I, the person writing this, also work for Double Fine? Well, let's start with a simple truth: they're talented. Not just at making games but at being great people who do all sorts of amazing things.

We've got industry vets who've worked on games of all sizes and brought their commanding knowledge to the team, working alongside talented graduates keeping the oldies on their toes with strange ideas about getting the right amount of sleep and brewing bubbly fermented tea drinks, and every type of person in-between. Some come to us straight from art school, some from big game teams, and some having worked solo on heir own indie titles. Others found their way here by having their nose to the grindstone as a journalist, or simply having met Tim someplace and he liked the cut of their jibb.

Xmas Sweaters 2018

Double Fine Team and their Holiday Sweaters in 2018

Our artists have contributed to board games, art shows, Oscar winning animated movies, and best-selling kids books. Our developers have pushed the boundaries of technology at every opportunity, shared their findings at conferences, developed groundbreaking new software and hardware, and gone on to found amazing new tools and companies. We have people who can construct for you the perfect tiki drink or cup of coffee, roast delicious rosemary cashews, grill mouth-watering BBQ ribs or bake astonishing cakes. They can play the ocarina, lend their voice to a choir, dress to kill, wear a beard that would rival Brian Blessed's, hold their breath for way too long or ride far too many miles on their bike, just for the fun of it.

But I'm rambling a bit! The point is that our team is a wonderful mix of people with all kinds of backgrounds and talents. Each and every one brings their diverse life experiences and knowledge to the studio and the result is a team of super swell folks, some of whom have known one another for more than two decades, but all of who rely on one another as family.

The most important thing is this: we're proud of every one of them and dang lucky that they're here... Also they really bring the noise when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Double Fine Team Photos, taken annually at the summer picnic in front of the Golden Gate Bridge... when the fog doesn't obscure it anyway.

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