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Dirt Nap - #28
12/09/09 - 12:08 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
OMG. You must check this out! An awesome piece of Dirt Nap fan art by Mike Henry, an accomplished bro in the industry! Check it out on Deviant Art!: Badaasss!
12/09/09 - 01:25 PM
"Too cool"
12/09/09 - 02:09 PM
DF Bagel:
12/10/09 - 10:02 AM
"I always thought brain-eating worked the exact opposite way."
12/10/09 - 01:47 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@Mullahgrrl: What do you mean?"
12/10/09 - 02:47 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"she means that she thought it was the eating of the brains that makes someone into a zombie :P"
12/10/09 - 04:20 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"Just biting someone is enough to turn them into a zombie. Taking out the brain/head is how you kill a zombie traditionally. If you take out the brains to begin with, it should inhibit the turning. Their corpse might zombify, but they won't be able to get up and walk around. That's how it works in the Dirt Nap universe anyway..."
12/10/09 - 06:48 PM
sgt Fujin Vinson:
"I did enjoy that picture so thank you for that, Mike Henry and this comic is wonderfully addicting so thank you, Gabe Miller :D"
12/10/09 - 09:41 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"Thanks, sgt. It makes me happy to hear that. :)"
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