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Dirt Nap - #78
05/20/10 - 12:53 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
Scenes like this in movies always give me shortness of breath.
05/20/10 - 09:27 PM
"Sweet! I really hoped RIP wouldn't give up without a fight."
05/21/10 - 08:19 AM
dragons 56:
"rip lives!! i knew it!"
05/21/10 - 03:18 PM
"Whenever I see a scene like this in a movie I always try to see if I can hold my breath for as long as the character has to. So I get shortness of breath, too, but for a different reason than just empathizing with the character."
05/24/10 - 10:42 AM
"I do the same thing. What I have learned is that it probably wouldn't end so well for me..."
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