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Nathan S-#492
11/12/10 - 07:43 PM
DF Bagel:
i watched The Big Sleep the other night. it was ok.
11/13/10 - 06:24 PM
"hey man, sometimes you forget what you're holding in that third hand. It happens."
11/18/10 - 11:24 AM
"I had a dream you drowned. I asked my co-workers how and they showed me news footage of you (not that I even know what you really look like) driving a tour boat packed with passengers. Something needed to happen with the back of the boat so you unlatched and pushed this gigantic metal grid that was hinged to the back of the boat and jumped down onto it, which dipped the back end of the boat into the water up to your knees. Your actual drowning hadn't been captured on film but the footage suggested you tended to take risks while leading your tours. Also, you weren't wearing a life vest. I guess I'm a dream stalker?"
11/19/10 - 02:25 AM
DF Bagel:
"wa wa woo wa. i love it please have more dreams about me drowning on tour boats. did you know what i was touring? just a boat tour?"
11/19/10 - 10:39 AM
"I'm not sure. It reminded me of a boat tour I took of San Diego bay a buncha years ago, but the footage -- shaky cell-phone-style, did I mention? -- looked like the boat was in the middle of nowhere. You were completely nonchalant about dropping the grid thing and being dipped repeatedly into the ocean by the bobbing of the boat. All smiles, dude. All smiles. If only you'd known."
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