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Nathan S-#511
02/28/11 - 08:01 PM
DF Bagel:
don't show this to your kids, whatever you do.
02/28/11 - 11:25 PM
Acefox :
"So.. you guys are going to make a Sesame Street game, eh?"
03/02/11 - 03:33 PM
DF Bagel:
"i wasn't on that team (for obvious reasons)(see: above)"
03/03/11 - 04:35 PM
Acefox :
"Nonsense! Little kids should learn their Babbits and Cogs as early as possible."
03/09/11 - 12:23 PM
Scott C:
"this is the greatest ever comic."
03/22/11 - 03:46 AM
"My mother approves of this comic"
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